These properties may only be used in explosions; .exp files.


alpha = <int> ( from 0 to 255 )

Alpha is the value of transparency used by the blender. This cannot be used without specifying the blender.

Default value: 255


anim_type = { ping_pong / loop_right / right_once }

Determines the behaviour of the sprite animation. See also Anim_Types.

Default value: loop_right


blender = <alpha/add/alphach/none>

Blender is the the blender used for manipulating the alpha of an object. There are two blenders, Alpha and Add. (possibly more later) Alpha will make the object translucent depending on the alpha value and add will make the object lit the background.

Default value: none


color = r, g, b

Determines the colour in which the explosion will be drawn.

Default value: 255,255,255


dest_alpha = <int> ( <= 255 )

If the value is from 0 to 255 the explosion will interpolate its alpha value from the initial alpha to dest_alpha. The speed of the interpolation depends on the timeout value.

Default value: -1


invisible = <int>

If its not equal 0 then the explosion will not be displayed.

Default value: 0


occluded = <int>

If its not equal to 0 and the explosion has a sprite then the it will be rendered as an occluded light.

Default value: 0


render_layer = <int> ( from 0 to 8 )

When the objects are rendered they are rendered in order of its layers, objects with render_layer = 0 will be rendered first than objects with greater values. Worms are rendered in layer 5. Note that Objects in the same layer will be rendered in order of appearance.

Default value: 5


sprite = <string>

The string passed as parameter has to be the name of a sprite inside the sprites folder of the mod or default. If the file exists the explosion will be displayed with that image instead of a pixel.


timeout = <int> ( >= 0 )

Determines the time until the explosion will be removed. If the explosion has a sprite the duration of the animation will depend on this value.

Default value: 0


timeout_variation = <int> ( >= 0 )

Adds a variation to the timeout of the explosion.

Default value: 0



on creation ()

Gets triggered once when the explosion is just created.


on detect_range ( <float> range,  <bool> detect_owner = true, <[layer]> layers = [worms] )

Gets triggered if there is an object with distance < than range. Only the objects that are in the specified collision layer will be detected, there is a special layer called “worms” that has to be used to be able to detect worms. If detect_owner is false then the event wont trigger for object that have the same owner than the explosion.

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