Implementing Dark Mode and Lights

This tutorial is valid only for gusanos 0.9b, it wont work in 0.9c or any other further versions

Yes, someone should update it or something.

Introduction to Dark Mode

Gusanos 0.9 has lights, but to utilize them, you must activate dark mode. To do this, you must hit ~ to activate the console; then type in vid_dark_mode 1 (0 to deactivate). Note that dark mode will likely eventually be map and mod specific; if the map and mod you're playing don't implement lights, you will likely be shrouded in complete darkness!

Using Lights

Lights can be generated by specifying the following properties in an object or explosion:

light_radius = ( distance in pixels )

Creating a Map with Dark Mode

To use dark mode with a map, a lightmap must be present. To create a lightmap, create a PNG with the same dimensions as the level.png. Color the picture in black and white. A value of 0,0,0 means pure darkness: without lights, you can see nothing. A value of 255,255,255 is pure brightness.

To be finished later :O

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