Weapon files should be named .wpn and placed under the gusanos/mod/weapons/ directory.


Weapon properties must be added to the .wpn file before events. These properties may only be used in .wpn files.


ammo = <int>

Determines how much ammo the weapon holds.

Default value: 1

Also use use_ammo to drain ammo from weapons from now on.


laser_sight_alpha = <int> ( from 0 to 255 )

Determines the translucency of the lasersight. It only works if laser_sight_blender is not equal to “none”.

Default value: 255


laser_sight_blender = { add, alpha, none }

Determines the blender with which the laser sight will be drawn.

Default value: none

laser_sight_color / laser_sight_colour

laser_sight_colour = [ <int> r, <int> g, <int> b ] ( All ranging from 0 to 255 )
laser_sight_colour = [ 255, 128, 0] # Makes an orange laser sight

Determines the colour ( in RGB format ) with which the laser sight will be drawn.

Default value: [ 255, 0, 0 ]


laser_sight_intensity = <float> ( from 0 to 1 )

Its the intensity of the laser sight of the weapon. 1 is full intensity, 0.5 half, 0 no laser sight.

Default value: 0


laser_sight_range = <float>

Is the distance in which the lasersight will fade completely from the given laser_sight_intensity to 0 intensity. -1 will make it not fade.

Default value: -1


name = <string>

The name of the weapon.

Default value: ””


reload_time = <int>

Determines the time in frames that will take for the weapon to reload.

Default value: 0


skin = <string>

The image that will be displayed on top of the worm.

Default value: null


sync_reload = <bool>



on active_timer( <int> delay, <int> delay_var = 0, <int> max_trigger = 0 , <int> start_delay = 0 )

It behaves the same as a normal timer except that it will only count time when the weapon is selected and it gets reset when the player changes to another weapon. start_delay is how much time it should wait to start counting time, if set to -1 the time will be equal to the delay + variation.


on active_timer( 0, max_trigger = 1 )
play_sound( sword_chosen.wav )

This would play the sound sword_chosen.wav every time the player changes to the sword (this) weapon.


on primary_shoot()

It will trigger while the gun is shooting.


on primary_press()

It will trigger once when the player presses the fire button.


on primary_release()

It will trigger once when the player releases the fire button.


on out_of_ammo()

It will trigger once when the weapon gets out of ammo.


on reload_end()

It will trigger once when the weapon reloading ends.


on timer ( <int> delay, <int> delay_var = 0, <int> trigger_times = 0 )

The timer will get triggered every delay frames plus the delay_var. If the trigger_times param is bigger than 0 then the timer will only be triggered that amount of times.

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